Hunting should be legal

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Why we should allow whaling

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In defense of legal hunting

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Should fox hunting remain illegal?

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Trophy hunting in Africa: 'Hunt operators are conservationists first, and hunters second'

A closer look at trophy hunting in Africa shows that the industry employs few people and that the money from hunt fees that trickles down to needy villagers is minimal. The Fish and Wildlife Service has not changed the elephants’ status; instead, it now argues that supporting “legal, well-managed hunting programs” will help provide “much-needed.

Feb 29,  · hunting should be legal, because if hunting was illegal i wouldnt be alive right now, and for those animal rights people, they eat meat that gets slaughtered. so they have nothing to say about us hunters killing game to Resolved. The debate over the hunting ban should remain focused upon the welfare of the hunted animal in order to promote the most humane methods of control.

However, both the pro- and anti-hunt lobby have deviated from this goal to a degree. Hunting Should Be Legal The subject of keeping hunting legal is a controversial topic. I believe that hunting should be legal.

Controversial AR-15 rifle should be legal for hunting, says Corner Brook man

If not, many animals would die because of overpopulation. A substantial amount of our food comes from hunting animals.

Should fox hunting be legal again?

Many years ago, some people used hunting to survive because they couldn't buy a lot of their food. Post-hunt sales of any part of the animals should be banned to minimise illegal wildlife trade. Priority should be given to trophy hunting enterprises run (or leased) by local communities.

Hunting should be legal
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