Inclusive learning practices for children with

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Early Childhood

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Inclusive Practices

Plan International is committed to ensuring that every child completes a quality, inclusive education without discrimination or exclusion. In the last 5 years, our inclusive education programme has supported children with disabilities in 40 countries.

This article provides tips for inclusive practices that will assist general education teachers in meeting the educational needs of their students with disabilities. Tips for Planning Collaborate with special education teachers, related service providers, and paraprofessionals on a regular basis.

Inclusive education happens when children with and without disabilities participate and learn together in the same classes. Research shows that when a child with disabilities attends classes. Inclusive education happens when children with and without disabilities participate and learn together in the same classes.

Research shows that when a child with disabilities attends classes. If your child is eligible for special education services, you may worry he’ll be placed in a different classroom than other kids his most kids with learning and attention issues spend most of their time in general education of those classrooms are what’s known as inclusion (or inclusive) classrooms.

Inclusive systems provide a better quality education for all children and are instrumental in changing discriminatory attitudes.

Schools provide the context for a child’s first relationship with the world outside their families, enabling the development of social relationships and interactions.

Inclusive learning practices for children with
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The Value of Inclusive Education