Laws against cancellation of a hotel

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Hotel Cancellation Policy

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Hotel Cancellation Policy

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Special concerns affect the “hospitality industry” because its establishments hold their property open to the public at large. Are there any laws regulating hotel reservation cancellation policies.

I called more than 24 hours in advance to cancel only to be told you had to call 48 hours in advance. I was never told that they had a policy that deviated from the norm.

Hotel Liability

hotel cancellation. In February I made a reservation for 2 nite stay at a hotel in palm springs (they offen request a two day stay to avoid the one day nighters there) I made the reservation for April 2 and 3.

Many hotels will allow you to cancel without charging a cancellation fee provided you do so within a reasonable timeframe, but check their terms and conditions, as not all do. What cancellation fees can be charged?

The fees charged for cancellation shouldn't be excessive or they could be deemed unfair. Excessive fees would be anything beyond what your cancellation has reasonably cost the business. If a hotel or other accommodation service takes your credit card details for a booking, or at check in, they need to inform you of any charges that may be placed on the card such as a cancellation fee or charges for unpaid mini-bar treats.

"Free Cancellation" can also mean that the booking site doesn't charge you a cancellation fee but the hotel will. In this case you need to contact the hotel and find out what it means exactly. Hopefully their information will differentiate between the different fees and programs so that you can be clear which which cancellation policy applies to you.

Laws against cancellation of a hotel
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