Losing sight of humanity with advancing technology

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2013 in science

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Is Technology Making Us Less Human?

He thinks that by combining the computational abilities of a computer with the average man, a race of super-intelligent humans will emerge. Before extensive application of technology, nurses relied heavily on their senses of sight, touch, smell, and hearing to monitor patient status and to detect changes.

Over time, the nurses’ unaided senses were replaced with technology designed to detect physical changes in patient conditions.

5 Consider the case of pulse oxymetry. Humans are slowly losing the definition of humanity where everything is defined in terms of money, social status, tags, and commercialization.

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Our own lives are being commercialized as a race dependent on consumerism with a total disregard for compassion, humility and empathy because today it is the world of survival and akin to the laws of the. But he is concerned that in the recovery of these African-American inventors, they will lose their humanity, being reduced to their inventions, to the detriment both of the history of technology.

A number of significant scientific events occurred inincluding the discovery of numerous Earthlike exoplanets, the development of viable lab-grown ears, teeth, livers and blood vessels, and the atmospheric entry of the most destructive meteor since The year also saw successful new treatments for diseases such as HIV, Usher.

Energy and the Human Journey: Where We Have Been; Where We Can Go. By Wade Frazier. Versionpublished May Version published September

Losing sight of humanity with advancing technology
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