Mkfs xfs force overwrite a file

How to Create XFS File System

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GNU GRUB Manual 02

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handles; disk images; mounting; filesystem access and modification; partitioning; lvm2; downloading; uploading; copying. When using on a block device containing an existing file system, use the -f option to force an overwrite of that file system. If -f is specified more than once, it allows the user to avoid asking for confirmation.

===== -f Force overwrite when an existing filesystem is detected on the device. To create an XFS file system, use the /dev/device command.

In general, the default options are optimal for common use. Add drive, format XFS and mount I'm having a bit of trouble with this, I have a drive which is on /dev/sda (SATA connected) Use the -f option to force overwrite.

So, attempt again: -f /dev/sda1 Output: which progressively shrinks the file rather than attempting to delete it all at once, so if you're more comfortable with a. Differences from previous versions. GRUB 2 is a rewrite of GRUB (see History), although it shares many characteristics with the previous version, now known as GRUB of GRUB Legacy may need some guidance to find their way around this new version.

Mkfs xfs force overwrite a file
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Using the XFS file system on CentOS / RHEL x – Stewart Tate