Nuclear medicine tech

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The Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology (JRCNMT) is the only programmatic accrediting agency recognized to accredit nuclear medicine technologist educational programs offered through traditional and distance education formats in the United States and its territories.

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KU Nuclear Medicine Technology certificate program

Our mission is clear. We bring to life a healing ministry through our compassionate care and exceptional service. Nuclear Medicine Technology Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree.

Graduates of the IU School of Medicine Nuclear Technology Program have the technical proficiency in all skills necessary to fulfill the role as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.

Nuclear medicine technologists work closely with imaging physicians to diagnose and treat disease. The field combines chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer technology and medicine in diagnostic imaging using small amounts of radioactivity.

Although many diagnostic imaging techniques are available, nuclear medicine uniquely provides information about both the structure and function of.

nuclear medicine technologist a health care professional whose duties include positioning and attending to patients undergoing nuclear medicine procedures, operating imaging devices (scintillation cameras and rectilinear scanners) under the direction of the nuclear medicine physician, preparing radiopharmaceuticals for administration to patients, making dose calculations for in vivo procedures.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists (NMTs) are certified by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

Upon successful completion of the exams, graduates may apply for Washington State licensure and be able to practice as a licensed Nuclear Medicine Technologist.

Nuclear medicine tech
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