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Max Moore, The. Pianist Dr. Li-Tan Hsu is a prizewinner from the Liszt Garrison Competition and regularly works with the Seattle Symphony and the Seattle Opera. Since moving to Seattle, she has collaborated with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Opus 7 Vocal Ensemble, and has served as a Collaborative Artist with Seattle University.

Dr. Hsu is a frequent rehearsal pianist [ ]. Li-Tan Hsu Piano.

Paternal genetic affinity between western Austronesians and Daic populations

A prizewinner from the Liszt Garrison Competition, Dr. Li-Tan Hsu is currently a Collaborative Artist in Residence in Music Division of the Seattle University. Before moving to Seattle in Aprilshe was a faculty member of the Peabody Preparatory of the Johns Hopkins University. A pianist in high demand, recently she was.

Li-Fang Hsu, BSN, is an assistant head nurse at Department of Nursing, Taipei Medical University Hospital.

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Pi-Chu Lin, EdD, is an associate professor at School of Nursing and Master Program in Long-Term Care, College of Nursing, Taipei Medical University.

Tan li hsu
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